7 Keyboard Shortcuts for Better Browsing

Written by Leah Layzell

One of the most overlooked technologies that meeting and event professionals use everyday is the web browser. From not updating them to using whatever is handy (hello Internet Explorer) we fail to realize that our internet browsing experience can actually make us better at our jobs and therefore create better event experiences.

One of the most overlooked parts of browsing the internet is the ability of all browsers to accept keyboard shortcuts just like the old CTR C /CTR V you use in Microsoft Word.  The use of shortcuts allows you to speed up your browsing, get faster page printouts, find stuff and a whole lot more.

To learn more about keyboard shortcuts, check out the quick video from PC Magazine, you can start using all of them today.


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Leah Layzell

Project & Directory Manager at The Meeting Pool
Leah is a designer and digital specialist based in Essex, United Kingdom, She specializes in assisting small to medium-sized enterprises with their technical support, design, projects and digital implementation so that they can run their business with ease.