The Team

The Meeting Pool is run by a diverse group of pros with various expertise in the event technology industry.

Tara Thomas │Co-Founder, Editor

Tara’s extensive background in the marketing of technology applications and online services spans SaaS, B2B, enterprise, financial services, publishing, real estate, and automotive markets. She has over 15 years of expertise managing strategic event marketing programs for companies including Oracle, IPIX and The Cobalt Group, a leader in the automotive marketing space. Tara also served as VP Global Marketing at Certain, Inc., a leading event technology provider, where she oversaw a myriad of strategic initiatives that were critical to Certain’s evolution.


Kaylynne Hatch│ Editor in Chief, Social Media ManagerKaylynne Hatch - Editor/Marketing Manager

Kaylynne Hatch is a social media expert and online marketing manager. With a Bachelor of Science in Communications and New Media from the University of Utah and a background in graphic design and entrepreneurship. She has been working in the events and travel industry since 2013.


Elizabeth Randall │TECHbar Coordinator

Elizabeth Randall is a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communication as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Art History. Her passions lie specifically in the fields of entertainment media and sports media.


James Jordan │SEO Master & Tech Lead

james_jordan2James Jordan has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area technology industry for almost twenty years.  His expertise comes from years of managing SEO projects for ad agencies, web companies, and small businesses. James takes pride in helping local brick and mortar small businesses, challenged by global businesses, take advantage of the internet and get the attention they deserve from the search engines.


Leah Layzell│Project & Directory Manager

Leleah layzellah is a virtual administrative, financial and creative project manager based in Essex, United Kingdom. She has worked with a range of industries and clients from local government, eCommerce, event management, non-profit, construction and many more. She specializes in sole traders and small businesses with their back office administration and day-to-day procedures, enabling them to run their business without worrying about behind-the-scenes tasks.


Janet Amistoso | Marketing Manager

janet_amistosoJanet Amistoso holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has a marketing background in the medical device, publishing, and trade show industries. Her professional background has allowed her to be an organizer, exhibitor, and attendee of conferences and trade shows. Now, with her position at The Meeting Pool, she’s excited to work with organizers as a vendor and consultant to the meetings industry.