Top 5 Note Taking Apps For Busy Event Professionals

Written by The Meeting Pool

You’re at an event or on-the-go. Suddenly, you find yourself in need of somewhere to take down some notes about the session you’re in or a call you’re on. Your dilemma? You don’t really have anything conveniently ready OR you have some scrap paper that you will inevitably misplace later.

Does that scenario sound familiar to you? With this list of note-taking apps, you can pull out your smartphone or tablet and start taking notes – then easily access them again at your own convenience.


Microsoft OneNote [iPhone, iPad, Android, and more!] – Free

OneNote is a digital notebook for your notes (handwritten and text), audio recordings, to-do lists, webpage clippings and pictures. It will automatically sync your notes and you will be able to share your notes for collaboration with others. It does requires a Microsoft account to use though.


Simplenote [iOS, Android, Mac, Kindle] – Free

Perfect for the no-frills enthusiasts. Their focus on simplicity provides a speedy and efficient experience. Don’t be fooled by their simple design – you still have a good amount of features such as being able to search through your notes, pin notes to the top of your list, create drafts, add tags, and even publish your note to the web using a public URL. It saves versions of each document every time it syncs as well, so you can go back and see what you’ve done.


Letterspace [iOS, Mac] – Free

Letterspace provides a swipe bar that allows you to easily go between letters for editing. I know I’ve had problems with editing one letter when it’s in the middle of a word because selecting it is rather difficult. You can even use #hashtag and @mentions anywhere in your notes and it’ll automatically index and group them together.


Vesper [iOS] – $9.99

Tags, photos, and note ordering are the main note-taking features of Vesper. Vesper’s focus is on how it feels to use.  You are also able to archive notes to reduce clutter but you can still find them later. Notes are kept up-to-date with Vesper Sync.


MyScript Smart Note [iPad, Android] – Free

MyScript Smart Note is the only note-taking application that turns handwritten words and math formulas into interactive text, making it easy to edit, search, and take action on your notes. Additional features include an adjustable palm-rest feature, a drawing mode, and you can insert media such as math equations, images, sound or PDF files from various cloud storage services including Dropbox and Evernote.



Paper by FiftyThree [iPad] – Free

Who said note-taking had to be text- or voice-based? Capture your ideas and exercise a bit of creativity in the process. This app is their answer to your need for a digital notepad – it’s great for jotting down notes, creating diagrams, and more! All on a beautifully simplistic interface.

Notice I didn’t mention Evernote?! Because that’s a whole other blog post. #TGIF!