Virtual Conferences – the New Reality is Working

I had my first experience presenting at a Virtual Conference and it was a success, as far as I’m concerned. If this is the new reality going forward, I believe we’ll be fine. For all of the organizations that have

Virtual Events – Are You Happy With Them So Far?

Virtual events existed in an anemic way before 2020; now that the world has shifted online, because of COVID-19, virtual events have become the new normal – for both hosting and attending these types of large gatherings. For those of

Feeling Zoomed out? Want to choose who you talk to when networking, like in real life?

If you’re like most professionals online now, we’re all feeling a bit “zoomed out” after six months. Sure, breakout rooms are great. They were novel and are a cool way to be with a few other people, in a smaller,

Top 5 Innovative Trends That Will Leave Your Audience Wanting More

Have you ever received an email invitation that makes you dance? I got this special email notification in September. I was invited to an exclusive Julius Solaris Innovation Lab at Northwest Event Show. First, I was first shocked and then

Community Keynotes: Inspiration Awaits in the Audience

At events, the case can be made that the most effective learning happens when peers share their experiences. The problem is, peers usually aren’t on the ‘big stage’; they’re sitting in the audience. So, this goldmine of wisdom is rarely

4 Tips for Writing Text Communications

We’ve all seen the Consumer Cellular ads and know that “text size” can easily be enlarged on mobile or GrandPad devices, which is important to keep in mind when creating event text communications from your business desktop or laptop. The

Reaching Millennials: How to Influence What They Buy

Some marketers struggle in their pursuit of proven strategies that will successfully reach and penetrate the 90 million millennials in the world. Why is the focus on this generation? Because they lead the globe in terms of spending. These techies

Make Your Data Accessible with These Data Visualization Tools

As an event professional, you know that data can be a powerful tool in your arsenal for its ability to provide you with meaningful insights into your clients and attendees. But data is only useful if you can understand it,

Meeting Rooms by the Hour: How These Services Can Save You Money

When planning a trade show or conference, most event professionals are focused on booking large spaces for a significant duration. But, these aren’t the only times when having access to a well-appointed room is crucial for business functions. You may

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Leave the Gimmicks at the Door: How to Use Content Marketing for Event Promotion

When it comes time to market your event, it can be tempting to turn to stunts to get people in the door. High dollar giveaways and similar tactics can seem like a good idea at the moment, giving you a

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