What is the Presidential Alert System? And Why is it Important?

Here is information to learn about the Presidential Alert System!   [source: Cilibrix]

Creating the Best Presentation for Your Business
Creating the Best Presentation for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world we are overwhelmed with options on how to create and execute a presentation. If you’re in business, you need to know how to create captivating presentations. Without the proper guidance, figuring out which presentation tool best

meeting in a box
A Revolutionary Way to Manage On-Site Communications

As an event professional, you’ve likely coordinated a conference, meeting, or tradeshow that took place in either a remote location or one where mobile and WiFi services were lacking. Often, this means resorting to “old school” technology, like walkie-talkies, to

Make Your 2018 Events More Productive with One-to-One Appointment Scheduling

While most events feature numerous breakout sessions, speakers, and floor demos, ensuring attendees have the ability to connect with other professionals and suppliers for one-to-one meetings is becoming a must. People don’t come to events just to go from one

Make Your Data Accessible with These Data Visualization Tools

As an event professional, you know that data can be a powerful tool in your arsenal for its ability to provide you with meaningful insights into your clients and attendees. But data is only useful if you can understand it,

Social Media Walls and Buzz Centers for Your Events

As an event professional, you know how crucial it is to keep your attendees engaged, especially between sessions and speakers. Additionally, you want to make sure your sponsors and trade show vendors get the attention they deserve. Luckily, one solution

Make the Most of Smartphone Culture with a Branded Charging Station

More and more attendees have become reliant on their smartphones for a variety of activities. Not only do these devices help them stay connected with work, friends, and family while they are out of town, but they also provide them

5 Outstanding Event Software Integrations for Event Professionals

Most event professionals rely heavily on their primary event management software solution to keep things organized. But many of these options don’t natively support every activity you need to handle. That’s where integrations come in. Software integrations are additional services

Drones are One of Today’s Hottest Tech Gadgets. Here’s How to Use Them at Your Event

Drones are everywhere. They have rocketed into public awareness thanks to their ability to capture video and still images from angles that can be hard to achieve using any other means. Plus, these unmanned aerial vehicles can be a lot

Considering a Chatbot for Your Next Event? Here are Some Tips to Get You Started

Chatbots, or bots, are taking the tech world by storm, so it’s no surprise have begun to make their way into the event space. These programs, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), have the ability to communicate with users, mimicking natural

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