On-site Team Collaboration & Communication Tools for Event Professionals

Struggling with walkie talkie range limits, waiting for people to answer their phone or text messages, or just trying to figure out how to keep everything all in one place? Maybe it’s time to drop your headset or ditch the

Top Ten Apps for Keeping a To Do List

Most of us are so busy we need apps for keeping a to-do list. What’s normal is every day differs from the day before. There’s always something popping off, hopefully, it’s interesting and fun, but there are tasks and goals

Simple Expense Reporting with Integrations

If you’re an events professional, you no doubt have a mountain of receipts and expenses to track. From large expenses like space rental and travel to smaller details like décor and linen, this quickly rises into an overwhelming mountain of

Top 5 Digital Note Taking Apps For Busy Event Professionals

Are there times when you need to take notes outside of your workspace or need to take notes with you on the go? Is paper a hassle for you to carry around everywhere you go and memorizing a list is

Email Productivity Tools
6 Tools to Upgrade Your Inbox and Your Productivity

Have you ever kept track of how much time you spend on email each day? When was the last time you cleared away that little incessant bubble at the corner of your email icon? How often do you avoid tasks

Top Tools and Apps to Keep Your Distributed Team Happy

Tech tools used by your team become more critical as companies embrace work groups that function outside of the traditional office paradigm. Not only are you coordinating group tasks and various work functions, but you also have to facilitate communication

Considering a Chatbot for Your Next Event? Here are Some Tips to Get You Started

Chatbots, or bots, are taking the tech world by storm, so it’s no surprise have begun to make their way into the event space. These programs, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), have the ability to communicate with users, mimicking natural

Voice-Activated Devices: Is Your Event Ready to Take the Plunge?

It’s official; voice is where it’s at. Millions of people are already enjoying the technology thanks to devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, and the number of users is growing quickly. Add to that the popularity of voice-oriented smartphone

Gamification at Your Event: It’s About More Than the App

The concept of gamification has certainly gotten a lot of attention recently, but many misunderstand what this buzzword is actually all about. Often, people assume it refers to a technology when gamification is actually more of a mindset. And it

Looking for an Event App Provider? Here’s What You Need to Know

Smartphones and tablets have become a staple in homes and businesses nationwide. The high level of convenience is hard to ignore, making an event app an ideal way to connect with attendees. Additionally, most participants don’t just want a mobile

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