Virtual Events – Are You Happy With Them So Far?

Virtual events existed in an anemic way before 2020; now that the world has shifted online, because of COVID-19, virtual events have become the new normal – for both hosting and attending these types of large gatherings. For those of

Feeling Zoomed out? Want to choose who you talk to when networking, like in real life?

If you’re like most professionals online now, we’re all feeling a bit “zoomed out” after six months. Sure, breakout rooms are great. They were novel and are a cool way to be with a few other people, in a smaller,

Increase Your Event’s Social Presence by Creating Photo-Worthy Moments

Social media is a big part of many people’s day-to-day; it gives them methods for connecting with family and friends, as well as other professionals working in their field. In fact, many of your attendees may have even connected with

Meeting Rooms by the Hour: How These Services Can Save You Money

When planning a trade show or conference, most event professionals are focused on booking large spaces for a significant duration. But, these aren’t the only times when having access to a well-appointed room is crucial for business functions. You may

With Smartphones Being So Popular, Do You Still Need a Professional Photographer at Your Event?

As an event professional, you understand the value of keeping your costs low. It only makes sense to cut extraneous services and features that don’t provide an appropriate amount of value as this allows you greater financial stability. In today’s

Don’t Sign That Hotel AV Contract Just Yet! Here’s What You Need to Know First

As an event professional, you have likely seen your fair share of hotel AV contracts. Often, it’s tempting to just sign on the dotted line, especially since it means you don’t have to hunt down your own equipment and technicians.

5 Outstanding Event Software Integrations for Event Professionals

Most event professionals rely heavily on their primary event management software solution to keep things organized. But many of these options don’t natively support every activity you need to handle. That’s where integrations come in. Software integrations are additional services

How Technology Continues to Help Improve Sustainability at Events

One of the earliest improvements in regards to events and sustainability was the option for using significantly less paper during conferences, trade shows, and other meetings. Mobile devices paved the way for event-specific apps, giving attendees access to all of

Drones are One of Today’s Hottest Tech Gadgets. Here’s How to Use Them at Your Event

Drones are everywhere. They have rocketed into public awareness thanks to their ability to capture video and still images from angles that can be hard to achieve using any other means. Plus, these unmanned aerial vehicles can be a lot

Considering a Chatbot for Your Next Event? Here are Some Tips to Get You Started

Chatbots, or bots, are taking the tech world by storm, so it’s no surprise have begun to make their way into the event space. These programs, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), have the ability to communicate with users, mimicking natural

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