Virtual and Hybrid Technology

There is no one size fits all solution for a virtual or hybrid event.  Just like all areas of tech, event tech has evolved and expanded greatly each year.  As virtual came to the fore in early 2020, we began tracking options even more closely so that we could provide informed recommendations.  When you work with The Meeting Pool virtual event tech service, we listen to your event scenario, desired format, gather info on your audience and industry. And ONLY then suggest the best tech solution to suit your events.  We also combine our expertise with your needs so that your participants see the technology as a positive tool for the event.

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Event Tech Consulting Service

As technology rapidly evolves, it is more important than ever to have an experienced advisor by your side, and The Meeting Pool team is there. We can help you with a methodology for technology selection, demoing, testing/trials and even RFPs and negotiation with technology companies to get the solution that best fits your needs.  We also assist with managing implementation and training your team.  Whether it’s time to create a new vision or put one into place, we can help you build an arsenal of the best tech to solve all your business problems – easily.

We will work relentlessly until we find the best technology that suits your business needs.  Our team of experts will also help you transform your business through the management of new apps, platforms, architecture and a variety of technologically innovative tools.  

Tech Demos and Presentations

Your attendees are bombarded by new online solutions and apps every single day.  How can you keep up with the latest in tech, devices, efficiency, organization and other business-oriented solutions with so much going on?.  How do you meet your mission to go paperless, and to embrace iPads and smartphones?.  What’s going on with wearable tech?.  How do you infuse technology into a conference with new engaging methods?.

Technology today moves fast and comes with a set of necessary decisions.  Do you know where to start, and do you have the time in your busy day to dig into the solutions that would help you and your attendees meet technology objectives?  Embracing new technologies, tablets and apps should be fun!  Take a look at what we suggest and the new possibilities you can bring to your participants below.

  • Over 20 TECHbyte sessions suitable for business events
  • Fireside chat moderation and interviewing
  • Intros and housekeeping
  • Event MC and host
  • Audio voiceovers
  • Announcements and VOG
  • Video talent
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Tech Marketing Consulting

Are you an event tech company looking to broaden awareness of your solutions in the event space and to the market at large?.  Do you need advice on how to take your high-growth company to the next level?.  Are you looking for a team to assist with marketing strategy or tactical execution?.  Then you should speak to The Meeting Pool.

We specialize in working with your team, if you have one, or serving as a standalone entity to help you identify opportunities & buyer personas, devise strategies, refine positioning and messaging, craft programs and, of course, to drive leads that convert.  Our solution is very unique in the virtual event tech service space. Because we have a global team with 20+ years of mainstream and event tech experience from top companies. Plus we also have a deep knowledge of the competitive landscape and buying patterns.  This expertise is at the center of everything we do to place your company in a leadership position.

TECHbars and TECHbyte Sessions

TECHbars from The Meeting Pool are poised to provide today’s events with interactive educational options. This will enliven your event and then bring technology to the fore as an important, engaging component of your meeting.

The team can bring a TECHbar to any event in any city globally. And will also offer tech education workshops, sessions, short TECH Byte snippets and more. Event planners love adding the value for attendees. Sponsors also love a new way to position as thought leaders. Exhibitors relish new sales & marketing tech tips. And everybody thrives on the opportunity to ask ANY tech question or get their devices adjusted as needed. It’s more than a win-win, it’s a tech revolution. Book a TECHbar today!

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The Meeting Pool is your guide through all things event technology-related in the meetings and conference industry. We stay on top of the latest platforms and updates to ones you know for you. We work closely with event professionals and marketers to help bring tech to some of the world’s top shows.  We produce stellar virtual and hybrid events for associations, healthcare, financial services and tech companies around the world.

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