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Speaker Training & Management

Speakers are the most valuable component of your event, but managing them is a huge endeavor — especially for small teams.  A key component of streamlining the event speaker management program is communication.  When The Meeting Pool executes your event, you get an informative speaker training and management portal as the go-to destination for all types and levels of presenters.  Keynotes?  Info is there.  Session moderators?  Answers abound.  Poster presenters?  Dates, instructions and links found in one easy destination.  Every portal also includes info on how best to prepare and present at virtual and hybrid events, including tools for digital presenting.

Speaker Webinars

Our speaker portals are filled with information tailored for your presenters, but many may still have questions about the process or how they will fit into the program.  All of our programs include 2-3 live 15-minute speaker webinars where your presenters can join live, get a quick presentation, and most importantly, ask questions about their part in the event.  Once the first session is over, we also post it to your speaker portal for continued reference.

event speaker management and training

Videos & Pre-Recording

In this day of virtual and hybrid events at the fore, you’ll no doubt have speakers who would prefer or need to pre-record their content.  If you’re some organizers, you might prefer to pre-record all content.  Our speaker portal has all of the info for self recording. But our speaker management team can also do the pre-recording for your speakers.  Our team does a check on framing, lighting, their environment and more and then records the session or material.  It’s a full concierge service that we’ve performed for heads of state, legal professional, medical authority, and billionaires and bankers galore.  We then edit the prerecording to match the look of your live sessions, and push it via our in-house production team.  It’s a bespoke service that is unmatched by other event agencies.

Tech Checks

If you have hundreds of speakers, particularly with events where participants are presenting their research or data, their may be some trepidation on how the event will go, or how their equipment will perform.  Your speaker portal contains an easy-to-use appointment calendar for any speaker to make an appointment for a tech check at their convenience.  Our event speaker management team will go through their Internet speed, equipment, slide check and look to ensure all is well.  We’ll also review any needs they might have to play videos, music or games, etc.  Bottom line?  All speakers are locked and loaded when it’s time to hit the Green Room. 

Speaker Training and Management

Speaker Prep & Portal

If your team cheered when you landed that superstar speaker, don’t let the details fall through the cracks. Our speaker training and management team works personally with your presenters and panelists to answer questions, do the actual recordings, and fully prepare them for the broadcast. We also train you and your speakers for the virtual ballroom. And we offer custom webinars for your presenters so they’re fully prepared.  All info is available for busy speakers 24X7 on your custom speaker portal, so questions to your team on timelines, presentation formats, session length and more are drastically reduced.

Speaker Green Room

One of the most beloved components of working with The Meeting Pool is our Green Room for speakers.  Over and over again we get compliments from presenters from around the world for the ease of process in presenting their session at the event.  We provide an email for all your speakers specifying their call time and the Green Room experience.  When they arrive, our speaker management team greets them and runs through the rules and regs for the live session, Q&A, chat and more.  All is made clear so they feel comfortable and have time to connect with other speakers as well, if on a panel.  At the appointed time, we help them click the link to whisk them to the live broadcast.  All goes smoothly with no prep needed — which is important for your busy, high-value presenters.

Live Broadcast - event speaker training and management

The Live Broadcast and Onsite

Speaking live at your event will be as easy as joining a Zoom Conference online meeting for your virtual and hybrid speakers. When it’s their time to shine, they’ll be seamlessly directed into the broadcast — whether live at a ballroom podium, or virtually.  No speaker training necessary. Our in-house production team re-checks mics and slides, and counts everyone in at the appointed time.  We also run the session live for all of those in the broadcast. Hence no one misses a thing.  And importantly, speakers can see the slides and hear the other presenters real time, so it’s all cohesive!  We have used this process in hundreds of shows successfully. And our production team can handle almost any unexpected occurrences to keep your show on track and continuing.

The Meeting Pool is your guide through all things event technology-related in the meetings and conference industry. We stay on top of the latest platforms and updates to ones you know for you. We work closely with event professionals and marketers to help bring tech to some of the world’s top shows.  We produce stellar virtual and hybrid events for associations, healthcare, financial services and tech companies around the world.

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